Setting up Plymouth

Yesterday we themed GRUB, while today we will theme the obnoxious kernel reports while booting with nice plymouth theme.

I'd like to warn you about plymouth that it isn't stable at all, nearly 6 months ago it broke my display manager and I was forced to change my xfce to kde.

Firstable you should download an AUR helper, there's plenty of them.

sudo pacman -S wget

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GRUB hacking

It seems today is my GRUB hacking and fixing day, lol.

While searching how to resolve the previous grub issue found out how to set different grub theme and change the listed operating systems names.

Let's begin with setting grub theme.

sudo pacman -S git

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GRUB - dual booting issue

I dual boot from time to time. Today while upgrading my archey noticed that the upgraded GRUB did not detected my windows partiotion.

Rebooted the computer and what to see - only archlinux was listed...

To fix it, tell grub to recheck the particular drive partiotion and generate new configuration after that.

grub-install --recheck /dev/sda

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Blogfy - reborn

Two days ago I've rewritten Blogfy from scratch and it is no more based on blogpy.

The older Blogfy's code was clutter and hard to read and maintain, it was using 5 dicts and 4 sets which is completly useless for it's purpose. In the newer code there is only one dict that holds all of the needed information, 2 separate classes to read/replace strings from the templates and write the changes.

That said repetitive code is almost none, a smart pagination and rss functions was also introduced, 5th template was added as well. The older website_settings module was deprecated and replaced by configparser. The markdown2 dependency was deprecated, I won't use the built-in markdown module because it would add unnecessary opening tags around the html files which the html validators will detect immediately.

The reason to start learning python 9 months ago was because I loved blogpy. The same reason to deprecate the base is because it's code isn't at the level where it should be. For example, by saving couple lines from class or function creation and using globals instead locals is and will always be slower. I won't go deeper in details and start flamewar.

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One house, one router, two floors, weak wireless

Nowadays most of us got more than one smartphone and or tablet and the only way to connect to the internet is by having wireless internet. It makes it really annoying, because the bigger your house is the wireless signal quality degrades. The built-in antennas in those devices are weak which leaves you the only choice to be closer to the router in order to get proper internet speed.

Personally, I faced this issue while ago and solved it with really simple and cheaper approach.

Even in the case of 3G internet, this post will be a life saver for those of you that wish to share the connection with someone else.

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